Mike Pence Urges Evangelicals To Pray For Four More Years Of Trump

Official White House Photo by D. Myles Cullen/Public Domain


Mike Pence said with four more years of Trump, the nation will be “more prosperous than you could possibly imagine.”

Vice President Mike Pence spoke to evangelical leaders in Michigan this week, touting President Donald Trump’s religious liberty wins during his first term in office — and Pence also exhorted the group to pray that Trump will get another four years to keep doing the Lord’s work.

“I wanted to come here today and make sure you all knew, as leaders in the faith community here in western Michigan, the priority this president has placed on ensuring the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech of every American,” Pence told the ministers gathered at Valley Family Church, according to the Christian Post.

He also highlighted Trump’s move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital:

“It was this president — this president who’s recognized Israel’s capital and moved our embassy and recognized the Golan Heights are a part of Israel. And I promise you, this president and this administration will stand with Israel,” Pence said, inciting a round of applause.

Later, the vice president moved on to the Democrats, complaining that the party has moved too far to the left.

“Obviously we have a choice to make in the next year. And for all that we have done for a stronger, more prosperous America, a more secure America — all that we’ve done for our freedoms — I don’t need to tell you about the other party,” Pence said. “I mean, the truth of the matter is that while the Democrats in Congress have been spending the last three years on endless investigations and a partisan impeachment, we’ve seen the Democratic Party, nationally, taking a leftward turn like I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.”

Pence said socialism is a “scourge” and trotted out Venezuela and Cuba as prime examples of where the U.S. could end up if Democrats have their way — a favorite Republican talking point.

“It was freedom, not socialism, that ended slavery, won two world wars, and has made America a beacon of hope for all mankind. And that’s why, over the next 11-some-odd months, we need to say what the president said in that State of the Union Address, with one voice: that America will never be a socialist country,” Pence concluded.

“But I’d just encourage you to keep telling your congregations to pray for America, pray for all the people of America, because it’ll make a difference. It’ll make a difference in the life of this nation, and it’ll see us through these challenging times,” he added later.

“…With four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House, and with God’s help, we’re going to make this state and nation more prosperous than you could possibly imagine. We’re going to make this state and nation more secure than it’s ever been before. We’re going to inspire the world with the heights that we achieve when we keep America great.”

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