Meth-Peddling Priest Possibly Faces More Jail Time After Failing Drug Test

Screengrab/WTNH News8/YouTube

"Monsignor Meth" returned to federal prison Thursday after failing yet another drug test while on supervised release.

After failing yet another drug test while on supervised release, former Monsignor Kevin Wallin — dubbed “Monsignor Meth” by some media outlets — was trotted back to a Connecticut prison Thursday.

According to The News & Observer, Wallin asked a federal court judge to continue his release in order that he might seek long-term residential treatment for substance abuse, but Judge Alfred Covello was out of patience.

> Covello had warned Wallin back in April, after he failed several drug tests, that he would be put back in the slammer if he flunked another one. Probation officials said Wallin tested positive for methamphetamine earlier this month.


> Wallin was handcuffed in the courtroom and taken away by marshals. He is expected to serve the time at the federal prison in Danbury.

Before sentencing, Wallin made a final plea:

> "I know my behavior has not been good," Wallin told the judge before being sentenced. "I have no desire to continue down this path. My addiction came into my life late and I need this treatment and I know that I need this treatment."

The former priest’s legal troubles began in 2013 when Wallin pleaded guilty to a methamphetamine distribution charge, which bought him five years in prison.

> Federal investigators said Wallin had associates in California send him methamphetamine beginning in late 2008 or early 2009. By 2011, Wallin's partners were sending him one to three pounds of meth a month and Wallin was running the drug operation out of his apartment in Waterbury, investigators said.


> Wallin also bought an adult video and sex toy shop in North Haven and apparently intended to launder drug proceeds that totaled in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, federal agents said in court documents.

Though the 66-year-old Wallin is now banned from public ministry in the Catholic church, the Bridgeport Diocese has also begun the process of permanently stripping Wallin of his priesthood.

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