Metalheads And Kazoo Players Overpower Westboro Baptist Church Protest

Photo from Instagram


Metalheads and people with kazoos showed up to counter the pro-hate Westboro Baptist Church members.

According to the Virginia Mercury, hundreds of metalheads showed up at the state Capitol Monday morning to defend themselves. They brought kazoos to drown out the words of Westboro Baptist Church members.

Westboro Baptist, a hate group based in Kansas, said it came to Virginia to demonstrate against Del. Danica Roem (D-Manassas), the state’s first and only transgender lawmaker. Roem is also a metal singer, which prompted Randy Blythe, who fronts the band Lamb of God and is a friend to Roem, to organize a “counter-party.” He asked his fans to dress in absurd costumes, and he would provide the kazoos.

“These people are coming out and speaking a bunch of ignorance about my friend,” Blythe said. “I don’t like that. So we came out and just drowned them out. That’s the easiest way. There’s no point in engaging these people.”

The six members of the Westboro Baptist Church that attended arrived before 9 a.m. and left shortly after.

Roem wasn’t in attendance, but turned the Westboro Baptist Church visit into a fundraiser which collected $25,000 for her reelection campaign.

“I set out to make the best out of a bad situation by doing what a good candidate for office should do,” she said. “Flip the script on something negative by raising money off of the response without amplifying the original negativity and driving a unifying message about love conquering hate.”


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