Like His Late Father, Snake Handling Pastor Nearly Succumbs To Rattlesnake Bite

Screengrab/Barcroft TV/YouTube

A snake bite is God's will, the Coots family believes, and if bitten they do not seek medical treatment.

Kentucky pastor Cody Coots buried his father earlier this year after the snake-handling elder Coots was suffered a fatal snake bite.

Now, after taking over his father’s ministry at Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name, Cody, 21, has suffered a rattlesnake bite of his own

From The Tennessean:

> Cody's sister, Katrina Coots, confirmed her brother was bitten by a rattlesnake while going through a cage with a couple snakes in it.


> According to WLEX, the family said, "we just have to put all things in the hands of Jesus....Cody did not sleep well. He is swollen and his hand is black.....but he is sleeping now and is not in pain," in a Facebook post.


> The Coots family believes they should not seek medical treatment if bitten, and that a snake bite is God's will.

The family anticipates that Cody will make a full recovery.

Cody’s father had survived several snake bites prior to the fatal injury.

> Jamie Coots starred on the reality show "Snake Salvation" alongside Pastor Andrew Hamblin, from LaFollette. The National Geographic show profiled the pastors' efforts to keep their snake-handling religious traditions alive.