Liberty University Helping Produce Film That Implies God Appointed Trump

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'The Trump Prophecy' is based on the story of a Florida firefighter who says God told him Trump would become president.

The Cinematic Arts department at Liberty University has enlisted students to help produce a film depicting President Donald Trump as ordained by God to lead the United States.

According to Vox, The Trump Prophecy is based on the story of Mark Taylor, a Florida firefighter who claims God told him Trump would become president – a story that Taylor turned into a book, published by a small Christian company.

> Liberty students and staff regularly work on Christian-themed films as a form of career-development-training, with about one film made per year in partnership with outside film companies, according to the Christian Post. Previous faith-based films have included relatively anodyne fare like Extraordinary, the story of a Christian couple running a marathon together. The Trump Prophecy is funded and produced by Charlotte-based ReelWorks Studios, with a budget of about $2 million.


> But an explicitly political film, suggesting that Donald Trump’s presidency was divinely ordained, is striking for the university.

Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr. is an unapologetic Trump supporter, making the choice in subject matter less than shocking.

And the film fits well with the narrative of some evangelical Trump supporters that he was chosen by God in the same manner as the biblical King Cyrus – a less-than-godly man nevertheless used by God to commence the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem.

This view is most often expressed by those associated with the New Apostolic Reformation, which as Vox notes is a "loosely-conceived umbrella group of Christians that tend to focus on the power of individual prophecy and the authority of charismatic leadership figures believed to be possessed of distinct spiritual gifts.”

> Paula White, the prosperity gospel preacher who is one of the most influential members of Trump’s unofficial evangelical advisory council, is associated with this movement.


> The idea that Trump is a prophesied figure — often compared to the Persian King Cyrus — is a ubiquitous one in those circles (Lance Wallnau, another self-proclaimed prophet, made that very case on Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network during the presidential election campaign.)

The Trump Prophecy is due to be released in fall 2018.

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Wow! These people need to be on some medications. This idea is beyond lunacy.


The next step in cementing Trump's Divine Right to Rule.' It remains to be seen if they'll need another step to attach Trump's blessed inheritance to rule passing directly to one of his children (and which one) when he ascends into heaven.

Gary Markle
Gary Markle

~ The Separation Of Church And Hate:

There is a good reason why Church and State must always remain separate. Let’s get something straight, right from the start: A theocratic state is not a free state, and never will be. I’m sure it was never Jesus’ intention nor was it His will that anyone should be dominated in His name, the name of Christ. That is the will of men. To be accurate, the concept in itself is anti-Christian. You can only follow Christ by choice, not by legislation.

It seems some people are more intent on casting stones at perceived sinners than propagating the love of Christ. ~ “Above all else, I command you love one another”. ~ This was the message that Jesus preached, and as far as I can see, the worth of a soul will only be measured as such. But I can assure you of one thing, when your time of judgment comes, you won’t be asked to recite scripture, but rather, if anything, the question will be: Did you get the message and live by it?

For all of you people out there on the religious right, you should try to remember that looking for sins to condemn, and people to persecute in the name of God, is simply Satan’s way of keeping you from seeing what is good and praiseworthy. It’s Satan’s favorite means of deceit; getting people to hate and kill each other in the name of God and Christ Jesus. Twisting scripture to incite hatred and division.

Understand this; that by doing so, you are defaming the name of Christ, associating Jesus with bigotry and hate. Jesus was never cursed with these feelings, these sins that you commit in His name. It’s widely agreed that He rose above it all, and to use His name for the justification of spreading contempt and hatred for anyone is true heresy. It isn’t Pro-Christ by any means, but clearly Anti-Christ.

~ It doesn't really seem to matter at this point whether you believe in God and Christ or not. What we have are Anti-Christians, the antithesis of the persona Jesus, and they are attempting, through legislation, to declare America to be a theocratic state and nation, legitimizing discrimination under the false guise of "religious freedom". If you're not one of the "chosen" you're fair game for persecution, oppression and abuse. It’s a perfect "us" and "them" scenario. If you express opposing views to the “Order” or you're a non-believer, or in any way perceived as a “sinner”, they'll be coming for you.

~ Anti-Christians ~ The scriptures flow as sweet as honey from their lips, seducing and robbing in the name of God. These are the ones Jesus spoke of that would come in the End Times and deceive many in His name. Anti-Christians: You will know them by their bigotry, their hatred, and their contempt for “others”.

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