Ken Copeland, Prosperity Preacher And Millionaire, Dined With Trump At The WH

A sermon from prosperity gospel preacher Kenneth Copeland.Screengrab / Kenneth Copeland Ministries / Youtube

Self-proclaimed billionaire Kenneth Copeland dined with Trump at the White House on Wednesday.

Last month, prosperity gospel preacher Kenneth Copeland was one of the Religious Right leaders dining with President Donald Trump prior to National Prayer Day, Right Wing Watch reports.

Like many televangelists, Copeland lives a lavish, tax-exempt lifestyle. According to the Kansas City Star, Copeland last year bought, in cash, a private jet from filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry. His Gulfstream V private jet is estimated to be worth from $5.9 million to over $12 million, and the ministry continued to spend an additional $19.5 million from his flock’s donations for a hanger and upgrades.

One member of the congregation said that the jet is “the plane the Lord had set aside” for Copeland’s Newark, Texas church.

According to Copeland, “money answers everything.” He wrote in an April 11 blog post that “God wants you to have money for three fundamental reasons.”

“1. To fund Kingdom work. To ‘go into all the world and preach the gospel’ takes money!

“To provide well for your own household. That’s your job—not your family’s or the government’s. God has called you to work to provide for yourself.

“To subdue the earth. To have dominion on the earth, we should be controlling most of the resources. For example, if you don’t like the immorality posted on the billboard outside your office, here is the answer: Own the billboard. If the magazines in the store are offensive: Own the magazines. That’s how you subdue the earth.”

His views, in addition to his wealth, appear to be in line with the actions and statements of President Trump, a likely reason for why Trump decided to invite Copeland to the White House. Copeland also resembles Trump’s “spiritual adviser,” Paula White, who preaches that money is God’s blessing.

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