Judge Resigns Rather Than Handle Adoptions By 'Practicing Homosexuals'

Screengrab/Wochit Politics/YouTube

W. Mitchell Nance cited his belief that God designed parenthood to be one father and one mother.

A family court judge in Kentucky took the extreme measure of resigning over the issue of hearing adoption cases involving homosexuals or same-sex couples.

W. Mitchell Nance failed to attend a Friday hearing to answer the charge that he defied ethics rules by refusing such cases.

Nance said his religious convictions prevented him from handling such adoptions because adoption of a child by a “practicing homosexual” would never be in the child's best interest.

The charges stem from laws barring judges from discrimination based on race, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.

Nance’s attorneys said it is his sincere religious belief that “the divinely created order of nature is that each human being has a male parent and a female parent,” and therefore, the only adoption that serves a child’s best interest would be one that would create the chance for the child to have a patent of each gender.