Jim Bakker: The World Is Ending Because Of Opposition To Trump, Buy My Food Buckets

“There is coming a time when the Bible says there will be no food to eat,” he warned.

“And if you do get any food, you have to sign over to the Antichrist; that means you’ve sold your soul to the devil. You say it’ll never be that evil. What’s going on right now? Half of America hates Jesus Christ. Half of America wants to destroy the president because he’s standing up to save babies, that he stands up for religious freedom and they’re making him out as the Antichrist, as an evil person!

“It’s time to be prepared because there’s coming a time when it will be too late to get ready and that’s going to be a hellish 42 months on planet Earth. The only thing that you are going to want when these times come is going to food to eat and that’s why we’ve spent our ministry, for the last years, putting together this food for survival.”

– Jim Bakker