Jim Bakker: God Sent Two Doctors To Cure Cancer, But They Were Aborted

Screengrab / Sam Seder / Youtube

According to Jim Bakker, two scientists were sent by God with the ability to cure cancer, but both were aborted.

Televangelist Jim Bakker said Monday that were it not for the legality of abortion in the United States, two scientists would have been born who had the ability to cure cancer.

How does he know? God himself said so.

Via Right Wing Watch:

Bakker was interviewing extremist Religious Right activist Janet Porter and former Rep. Tom DeLay about their efforts to get Congress to pass Porter’s “Heartbeat Bill,” a radical piece of legislation that Porter brags will outlaw abortion “before the mother even knows she’s pregnant” and will be “the foot in the door” to eventually completely outlawing abortion. Bakker declared that Porter’s bill is “the most important thing going on in the world right now.”

The issue of abortion is what led Bakker and his wife, Lori Bakker, to support the Republican platform in the last election, proudly pushing for a Donald Trump win.

“I believe America is cursed if we keep murdering our babies,” Bakker said. “I believe we are doomed as a nation—whatever you think, I don’t care, because I believe God says, ‘Thou shall not kill.’ And to murder our unborn babies, I don’t believe God can look [the other way].”

“This program could be an important cog to stop abortion in this country,” he added. “The thing we have done in America, we have killed our babies. We have killed the future of America. I told you the other day about a story, someone said they asked God, ‘Why haven’t we had a cure for cancer?’ And He said back, ‘I gave you two scientists that had the cure and both of them were aborted.'”

Heather MC
Heather MC

Just so we're clear, Jim Bakker believes his all-knowing god, screwed up and put scientists who could cure cancer in the uterus of women that had no intentions of having children.

But somehow managed to allow the doctors who invented abortions to survive in utero?


So either an all-knowing, all-powerful god screwed up big fucking time.

Or there is no god, and shit happens.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm


Wow! Ole jimmi is one human i doubt any god would be conversant with ....well, maybe on a slow day some god may use him for a belly laugh,

Mark 1964
Mark 1964

If god is supposed to know the future, wouldn't he have known that the babies would have been aborted, so why not send them to someone who was going to go full term


Guess what the commandment after "Thou shalt not kill" says. Jim knows the answer.