Jerry Falwell, Jr. Won’t Rule Out Supporting Trump Even If He Raped Someone

The Liberty University president said that he’d have to “wait and see the circumstances.”

Evangelical leader and President of Liberty University Jerry Falwell Jr. told CNN's Erin Burnett Wednesday that he believes President Donald Trump has "changed in a positive way" since the days of his alleged affairs with an adult film actress and former Playboy model.

Falwell said during the interview that he and other evangelicals will stand by the president not because he has an immaculate past but because of where Trump stands on the issues important to them.

And what if it came out that Trump had raped someone in his less-than-immaculate past?

Falwell isn't sure. He would need to "wait and see the circumstances to make that judgement.”

Trump in fact has been accused of rape in the past, but neither Falwell nor Burnett referenced the allegation:

A woman who claimed in a lawsuit that she had been raped by Trump in 1994 at the age of 13 said in an affidavit that Trump told her at the time he had the power to order her entire family's murder.

A press conference to be held just days before the presidential election had to be canceled after the woman and her attorney, Lisa Bloom, received threats to their safety; the woman dropped her lawsuit just two days later.

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