In Alabama, Farmers Gather Around Barn To Beseech The Heavens For Rain

Credit: Screengrab / WHDN

More than 100 farmers in Alabama gathered to pray for rain on Friday.

More than 100 farmers in Alabama gathered to pray for rain on Friday, as large tracts of land in the Midwest remain underwater amid record rainfall, according to ABC affiliated TV station WDHN.

“We are always at the mercy of the weather so when it has been a long as it has been, it is critical time to open soil moisture to get the plants up and started,” said one of the attendants in Headland, which is heading to its third week of draught.

“He can let those clouds up there and let the rain shower those crops, but we must ask forgiveness and until we do that, forget it,” another attendant said.

Alabama has suffered a moderate draught this season, but the rest of the country has experienced its wettest 12-month period in history. Rainfall has been concentrated in Midwest states like Illinois, where floods have left large tracts of land under water, or too wet for farming equipment.

“The frequency of these disasters, I can’t say we’ve experienced anything like this since I’ve been working in agriculture,” said John Newton, chief economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Trade war with China has compounded the effects of the weather, which has left many agricultural producers dependant on the administration's close to $23 billion farm aid package.

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