I started to make a list of ways that religion is forced upon atheists. I got to fifty and stopped.

Financial Recognition

Tax Exemptions – Churches
Tax Exemptions – Personal Donations
Tax Exemptions – Religious Staff
Tax Exemptions – Bequests
Religious Corporate Deductions 
God on notes [21 Countries - notes or coins] (*5) 
God on coins [21 Countries - notes or coins] (*5) 


God in Motto [36 Countries ] (*2)
God in National Anthem [82 Countries] (*1)
God in Pledge
Religious “Honor” Killings
Religious Celebrants
Religious holidays
Sports events scheduling
Shopping hours
Religious Buildings
Child abuse  exemptions (*16) 
Child neglect exemptions (*17) 

Separation Of Powers

Inauguration Speeches Thanking God (*13) 
Congressional Chaplain
Opening Parliament With Prayers
Congressional Religious Groups
State Religions [77 Countries ] (*6) 
Religious Politicians e.g. Bishops
Heads of State must belong to a Religion (*8)
Heads of State are Heads of the Church
State Religious  Radio stations (*9)
State Religious TV Stations  (*9)

Politicians – Political Composition

United States 45 Consecutive Christian Presidencies (*15) 
Estimated 466,671 Religious State & Federal Politicians Since Independence – to 2014
House Of Lords- Bishops (*14) 
Religious requirements to qualify for Office (*10)
Commanded to  recognize god before taking office (*18)

Federal / State Laws

Blasphemy Laws [60 Countries ] (*4) , (*11)
Apostasy Laws (*3) [21 Countries] (*3), (*11)
Religious Defamation Laws (*11)
Religious Medical Exemptions
Religiously Based Judgements
Religious Privacy / SPAM Exemptions (Cold Calling)
Citizenship Rights (*9) , (*10)
Voting Rights (*10)
Religious employment exemptions
Religious discrimination exemptions
Privileged communication between cleric and penitent (*12)


State Owned Religious Statues
State Owned Religious Art
State Sponsored Religious Music
State Funded Religious Books


Courts with 10 Commandments
Use of Bible in Court for Oaths
Religious qualifications for the judiciary (*10)


Religious indoctrination in school (*7) 
Religion In Science
Religious Schools

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