I believe the time for polite acceptance or political correctness has come and gone .... no burying our heads in the sand, tolerance of ignorance is not tolerance at all! They have declared war, they are attacking the government itself, they are attacking the Educational Foundation of this country itself, they are taking positions of power and influence, Pence, DeVos, Whitaker... A small minority have finagled The Reins of this country.

We CAN NOT Allow this kind of IGNORANCE to Perpetuate, Propagate and Indoctrinate...

With words like 'theocracy' and 'dumbing-down' and 'anti-intellectualism' running amok daily

With 100's of millions of Evangelical dollars being used to garner power and influence policy and politics like puppets on a string. When our nations educational foundation and our children are viewed as Control Mechanisms!

With the current state of this country representing less than 30% of the registered voting public.

(PLEASE! Curb your Dogma! Park your Karma! And Set Your Ego Aside... Declare War on Ignorance NOW and STOP embracing charlatanistic dogmatic fallacies. WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS.)

There must be a wake-up call to the rational intelligent people of this nation. There must be a 'war' on ignorance, for lack of a better word. And don't kid yourself, it is a 'war'. Embrace what made us the great nation that we are; leading the world in science, technology and innovation. We ARE ALREADY GREAT... now let us lead with our minds, inspire greatness in everyone and from everyone and share true deep compassion from our hearts.

FURTHER: Please Do Not NORMALIZE the indecent, the disrespectful, the HATE. SERIOUSLY "I love the poorly educated" was REAL but you don't have to Prove him Right because of your bruised EGO!

AND FURTHER: 'God' was added to the Pledge of Allegiance and to our paper money as propaganda during the Cold War, we needed to convince the ignorant masses that God was on our side and we had to justify building the ridiculous ginormous War Machine that is now eating up the Majority of our national spending resources! It did allow for such wonderful growth, but have we learned our lesson yet! ~MLB

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Wonderful commentary MLB. You have really covered it all.

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