Homophobic Pastors Organize 'Straight-Pride' Parade

William James

Anti-LGBTQ pastors gathered at Revival Baptist Church to attend a “Make America Straight Again” event.

Anti-LGBTQ pastors from around the country gathered at Revival Baptist Church in Clermont to attend a 3-day “Make America Straight Again” event in rejection of Pride month.

Pastor Steven Anderson, whose church has been categorized as an anti-LGBTQ hate group by The Southern Poverty Law Center, spoke at the event and consistently propagated homosexuality as a sin that should be punishable by death, according to an article from the Orlando Sentinel.

The event was attended by 100 people and competed against a peaceful protest against the event. The protestors were confronted by Anderson.

“If you’re going to be hanging around with a bunch of [expletive] and weirdos, you’re going to be condemned with them,” said Anderson.

Anderson has steadfastly asserted his anti-LGBTQ stances, evidence through the video he posted on YouTube celebrating the outcome of the 2016 shooting at Pulse Nightclub.

“The good news is that there’s 50 less pedophiles in this world,” Anderson said in the video.

There were not any altercations between event attendees and protestors. Event attendees continued advocating for the anti-LGBTQ views that they had organized for.

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