Franklin Graham Defends Trump Against Impeachment, Says ‘God Detests Lying Lips’



Speaking of the media and Democrats—not President Trump—Graham said “The Lord detests lying lips."

Evangelical Trump supporter Franklin Graham attempted to defend the president against House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry in a Tuesday Facebook post, spreading misinformation about the process and unironically reminding his followers that God hates liars.

According to Friendly Atheist, Graham said the problem is not President Donald Trump’s lawless behavior, it is the “liberal media” for shining a light on it.

“It’s all about politics and winning the election, they don’t care about anything else,” Graham wrote. “They are scared to death of conservative values and threatened because President Trump can’t be pushed around and intimidated politically or personally. The lies of the progressive left and the hyper-liberal media are what is a serious threat to the future of our nation.”

Later in the post, Graham quotes scripture: “The Bible tells us, “The Lord detests lying lips…” (Proverbs 12:22).”

Friendly Atheist took the opportunity to remind Graham of another Bible verse: “ Proverbs 12:21 says ‘The wicked have their fill of trouble.’”

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With some of the most fossil-fuel-friendly conservative politicians (and even commentators) attending weekly church services yet still insisting upon government funding actions benefiting but those already with the most, I can imagine Christ, judging from his own words, looks upon these guys, rolls his eyes then sighs, “With ‘Christians’ like them, who needs devil worshipers? Geeze, with such coal-hearted policies, they’re really giving me a bad name! …. And for conservatives, they sure pollute my planet most liberally!” (Frank Sterle Jr.)

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