Franklin Graham Defends Trump Against Claims Of Adultery With Pornstar

Screengrab/Fox News Insider/YouTube

Rev. Franklin Graham disbelieves the allegations but defends Trump's "concern for Christian values" either way.

According to Rev. Franklin Graham, the country has a 'sin problem', but the president is on solid ground.

And what of President Donald Trump's alleged trysts with porn actress Stormy Daniels? The reverend said Saturday that Trump denies the allegations, but even if it turns out to be true, it doesn't matter because Trump has a "concern for Christian values."

Pressed on the possibility that the Journal’s report, and subsequent confirmation by multiple news outlets, were accurate, Graham argued that any such transgression would have no bearing on the man Trump is today.

“I believe at 70 years of age the president is a much different person today than he was four years ago, five years ago, 10 years ago,” Graham said. “He is not President Perfect.”

Graham seems to argue that Trump's character is irrelevant because he is pursuing an agenda that Christians appreciate, and Trump's "concern for Christian values" is more important that whether or not the president actually holds those values himself:

"We certainly don't hold him up as a the pastor of this nation and he is not," Graham said. "But I appreciate the fact that the president does have a concern for Christian values, he does have a concern to protect Christians whether its here at home or around the world and I appreciate the fact that he protects religious liberty and freedom."

As Trump is working toward making godly choices in relation to public policy - which Graham notes is evidenced by a booming economy and stock market gains - Congress is busy making things worse.

When asked about the legislative dysfunction currently plaguing Congress, Graham had a more fervent response, citing “sin” as a major reason for the budget impasse that eventually led to a government shutdown.

“Our country's got a sin problem, and I believe if these politicians in Washington would recognize the moral failure of so many of their policies that maybe we could fix it.”