Fox 'Family Values' Conservative Is Against Divorce Even Though He's Had Two

Pete Hegseth says that American values are in decline, but he fails to see how he contributes to it.

Joining what seems a long list of conservative, 'family values' men intent on preserving the 'sanctity' of marriage but failing to do so in their actual lives, Fox News host Pete Hegseth boasts two failed marriages and an out-of-wedlock child.

To be clear, such life choices and situations are not inherently shameful as the likes of Hegseth would have us believe, but the act of preaching to and condemning others while living under a set of different standards for oneself is. Hypocrisy is unfortunately quite common in these circles.

The 37-year-old has spent years fashioning a near-perfect conservative image of himself: combat veteran who advocates on behalf of his brethren, championing 'family values, book-writing, and landing a gig on Fox News.

But as APM Reports reveals:

Hegseth — a telegenic, Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan — is in the process of divorcing his second wife after having an extramarital affair and a child with a producer at Fox News. Hegseth's second wife filed for divorce roughly a month after the girl was born. His divorce filings show the couple is working to keep details of his contract with Fox News private.
... His first marriage also ended after Hegseth had an affair with a female work colleague.

Hegseth has made no real effort to hide his adultery; rather, he has almost flaunted his relationship with Fox News producer Jennifer Rauchet, attending events and posting photos together with their baby on social media -- despite the fact that his divorce is not yet finalized.

Though he played the part well in a 2012 campaign video as he ran for Minnesota's Senate seat, saying of his wife and son "I couldn't love them more" and that they made "getting up every morning an easy thing to do", Hegseth would do well to consider his own words from his book, "In the Arena":

"The focus of family policy should instead be on strengthening families and creating good citizens by preventing wanton divorce...."

Or from an earlier writing, painting conservatives as society's saviors:

"By advocating government support of the traditional family unit, a return of the acceptability of the 'homemaker' vocation, freedom from oppressive government oversight, moral responsibility, and the revival of religious faith, conservatives provide a working blueprint for a free and prosperous future," he wrote in December 2002. [emphasis added]

Hegseth says that American values are in decline, but he fails to see how he contributes to it.

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