Florida Pastor Puts $4.4M Mansion Up For Auction After Losing Tax-Exempt Status

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The pastor of Faith Christian Family Church reportedly allowed a nightclub to host spring break parties at his home.

Pastor Markus Bishop lost the tax-exempt status of his multimillion dollar mansion last year after it was discovered that the minister allowed a nightclub to take it over during spring break to host foam and “anything but clothes” parties.

According to Friendly Atheist, Bishop decided to put the $4.4 million home up for auction after losing his appeal and facing the reality of paying taxes.

Apparently, Faith Christian Family Church had no trouble allowing “spring break” lingerie and sleepover parties at the pastor’s home, but Bishop thought having to fork over his hard-earned money like the vast majority of Americans was a step too far.

The pastor is hoping to make a cool $2 million on the sale, Friendly Atheist said — and it's easy to see why.

The home sits on 1.6 acres that holds six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It has luxurious features like a tennis, basketball and volleyball court with a fitness room.

Inside the entrance of the home lays Italian marble flooring and according to Executive Vice President of Fisher Auction Company Francis D. Santos, the home is very unique.

“I’ve sold Warren Sapp’s home, I’ve sold David Cassidy’s home and I’ve sold the Versace home and I would put this one (Bishop estate) up there with it,” Santos said.

Bishop also has a colorful history, Friendly Atheist noted: in 2016, he was “charged with possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana” and is “currently being sued for failing to make installment payments on time for a $50,000 loan he borrowed in February 2018.”

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