An alcohol-fueled argument about the Bible between two brothers in Florida ended with gunshots and one man’s arrest, according to Friendly Atheist.

Michael Dean, 31, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, after his brother told police “they drank several alcoholic beverages on the front porch and were in a heated debate about the Bible” when Dean began to choke him.

After the brother broke free and the two briefly fought, Dean reportedly walked to the front yard and brandished a handgun, telling his brother not to step off the porch or he would kill him.

Seconds later, according to the affidavit, Dean fired four or five shots into the ground near his brother.

Dean reportedly denied having fired shots during the incident, telling police “the spent .40 caliber shell casings must've fallen out of his truck at some point and he didn't know how or when it may have fallen out of his vehicle.”

Police said they took into evidence “five spent .40 caliber shell casings and two spent .40 caliber bullets found in the area of the incident and the .40 caliber handgun in Dean's possession into evidence.”

Friendly Atheist lamented that the local news report did not offer context for the biblical disagreement that started the whole thing:

The contradictions between Genesis 1 and 2?

The way the Gospels contradict each other?

Why everyone at the Last Supper was seated on the same side of the table?

Sadly, we may never know.