Falwell, Jr.’s Wife: It Isn't Christian To Attack My Husband’s Support Of Trump

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In an interview with The Christian Post, Becki Falwell said those claiming to be Christian "have been the cruelest."

In a 2016 interview, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife defended her husband’s endorsement of President Trump, after a slew of individuals within the university criticized Falwell for his political engagement, according to The Christian Post.

"I am just in shock at how cruel everyone is during this election. If you don't agree with the same person they agree with, they come out with their fangs, or Edward Scissorhands or something.

“Even people that claim to be Christian, they have been the cruelest," said Becki Falwell, referring to the Evangelical leaders who had attacked her husband’s political choices.

The statement comes days after Mark DeMoss told the Washington Post that Falwell Jr.’s endorsement of the Republican candidate was a “flagrant rejection of the values Falwell Sr. espoused and Liberty promotes on its campus.” DeMoss served as chief of staff for Falwell Jr.’s father, the founder of Liberty University.

Becki Falwell also defended a Facebook post she published shortly after the Washington Post interview was made public, in which she accused DeMoss of improperly trying to speak for Falwell Sr. as his “confidant.”

Falwell Jr. announced his endorsement of Trump in February 2016, shortly before the Super Tuesday, according to his wife.

A number of other members of the Liberty University community claimed to have been "embarrassed" or "disappointed" by Falwell's endorsement, according to the Washington Post.

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On the contrary, as a pastor, I would I think that it would be most unchristian to NOT confront her husband for supporting what the Bible clearly spells out as an antichrist. How could a Christian leader come out so forcefully in support of someone who's deliberately and adamantly opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ? One would presume that such an individual was likely a false teacher, and not a member of Christ's Church at all.


Exactly DrMichael. I'm not risking eternity by doing unto others as tRump has done throughout his entire life.