Evangelicals Are Comparing Trump To The Biblical King David

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Evangelicals are comparing President Trump to King David again, and again the comparison simply does not fit.

With much media attention focused on the alleged affair between President Donald Trump and adult film actress Stormy Daniels, Evangelicals are again comparing Trump to the biblical King David.

Though such a comparison might seem fitting on its face, anyone who has delved into Scripture ought realize the only similarity between Trump and the Jewish king begins and ends with adultery.

Vox has a solid explanation of just how wrong Evangelicals have the story when it comes to King David.

> To ignore or excuse the Daniels saga, some evangelical Christians are even using a biblical comparison to explain their continued support for Donald Trump: the story of King David. As one conservative talk show host put it, Trump and King David were both men “after God’s own heart.”

But what do we know about King David's adulterous situation?

2 Samuel 11 and 12 tell the story of King David and Bathsheba, whose husband is Uriah.

While Uriah is off at war, King David notices Bathsheba while she is bathing and has her brought to his quarters. After sleeping with her, she becomes pregnant, and King David attempts to have Uriah also sleep with her to hide the affair.

But Uriah will not take time off from the battle and does not sleep with his wife, so King David has Uriah placed at the front lines where he is sure to die.

After Uriah is gone, King David takes Bathsheba as one of his wives and their son is born.

But here is where the most profound difference between King David and Trump arises: upon being confronted by the prophet Nathan about his sin against God, King David repents.

As part of his punishment, God takes the life of the child born to Bathsheba.

> In Psalm 51, David says that he now has “a broken and contrite heart,” and tells God that he knows his sin “is always before me.” In short, King David humbles himself before God, asks for mercy, and tells God that he will live out his commandments in the future but knows that he will never forget his transgressions.

Trump on the other hand knows nothing of repentance, according to his own words.

> In repeated interviews, Trump has detailed that he prefers not to ask for forgiveness for his actions, saying in 2015, “Why do I have to repent or ask for forgiveness, if I am not making mistakes?” Some conservative Christian writers have pushed back on comparisons between Trump and King David, noting that only one of the two has asked for forgiveness.

So, while Trump and King David both committed adultery, that is where the similarity ends.

And if Evangelicals wish to believe that God can use anyone -- even the ungodly -- to further His plans, by all means, believe that. But the insistence that Trump is "a man after God's own heart" simply does not fly.

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Knottim Prest
Knottim Prest

Well, if you are a true patriot, like most evangelicals, you support the constitution. That means you support the amendment regarding separation of church and state, too. If you don't, then you're not an American patriot, or you're a religious zealot. Sort of like the Pharisees, who like to weigh down the little people with heavy laws they themselves won't lift a finger to carry. Luke 11:46.

If you want God back in the schools, you better be prepared. Because other religions are also wanting equal time. You want to accept Islam in the classroom? How about Hindu? Or Wiccan? Say, maybe the devil worshippers could get their hour of glory too. Would you like that? No? Then sit down and shut up. The separation of church and state is in the constitution for a reason.

For the record, I am a Christian. I follow Jesus. Not some tv evangelist, and certainly not DJT. He's as Christian as Nero. You figure it out.


Our President Trump is a prime example of an imperfect person chosen by God to run the country. Whether people like it or not he is here to stay and he has a heart after God's. Just like King David. He the president wants God back in the schools. We need a strong president to put God back in the world because without God we are nothing.


Yes, God does take imperfect people to show that relationship with him and excepting Jesus as your personal Savior, Lord of your life. The imperfect people show that not one of us are perfect and their life is valued as a positive testimony for to show God's Love and Mercy. So others that are not saved will see that we can be saved and follow him no matter what we have done. God's ways are not like man's ways and people of the world can't understand that. The world judges sin or people's wrong doing according to levels of crime. God views sin or wrong doing as the same. No matter whether you lie, Steel, think about murdering somebody or actually murder somebody you are still a sinner a wrong Doer in his eyes until ask for his forgiveness through his son Jesus. When you repent or ask for forgiveness through the son Jesus we are automatically forgiven no whether we murdered somebody or just told a something as simple as a lie or whatever the from doing or sin is. People have a very hard time with this because like I said God's ways are not like man's ways (people).


The Evangelicals continue to make me loathe organized religion. Their sycophantic behavior is disgusting! How can a true believer condone what Donald Trump continues to do?

Old bull
Old bull

At least David didn't turn coward when he was called up to fight for his country.