Detroit Pastor Charged With Murdering Trans Sex-Worker

Detroit pastor Albert WeathersScreengrab / Scales of Justice / Youtube


A Detroit pastor has been accused of murdering a trans-sex worker.

Detroit pastor Albert Weathers has been charged with the murder of Kelly Stough, a 36-year-old transgender woman. Newsone suggests that Weathers has frequented transgender sex workers for over 10 years, and had developed a reputation for "aggressiveness".

Kyra Butts, a transgender sex worker who had been friends with the victim, “testified she’s seen Weathers frequent the area around Six Mile and Woodward—an area known for its high population of sex workers—as far back as 2008,” Pride Source reported.

Butts claimed that she went on dates with Weathers before: “He was one of the guys that I hooked up with. He would drive around a lot before he would pick someone up.” Butts said that she “stopped going on dates due to Weathers’ ‘intimidating’ and ‘aggressive’ attitude.” Her last date with the Detroit pastor was a week before he allegedly shot and killed Stough.

“The court also heard testimony from Eddie Neal-Price, a passerby who said he witnessed a woman—believed to be Stough—shoved out of a car on Dec. 7, 2018, in the area of Six Mile and Brush,” Pride Source reported. “Neal-Price called 911 to report the incident before driving off.” Stough was killed on December 7th.

“[R]espect people, one another because you are LGBTQ does not mean that these individuals are throwaways or that no one cares about them,” Kelly's mother, Jessica Williams-Stough, said on Sirius XM. “They are people who are loved. They have mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers—they are not these people that nobody wants and they shouldn’t be treated as such.”

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