Christian Magazine CEO: Unlike CT, We Know Trump Was Sent By God To Save America



“Die-hard Never-Trumpers could become an obstacle" to reelecting President Trump, Stephen Strang complained in an op-ed.

Charisma News CEO Stephen Strang penned an op-ed on Friday blasting rival magazine Christianity Today over its editorial calling for President Donald Trump’s removal from office, writing that his own publication “is still 100% behind” the president.

Strang spared no criticism as he jumped into the evangelical infighting with both feet, insisting that CT editor-in-chief Mark Galli’s recent piece merely showed that he had “bought into” the left’s “ant-Trump narrative.”

The CEO said that unlike Galli, he remains "100% behind the president because even though he is not perfect (no one but Christ is), God has raised him up as president to give America a reprieve."

Strang took plenty of time to boast of the books he has written about Trump, as well, saying: “I have written three books about him, each articulating the spiritual aspect of what is happening in America and why evangelicals and other conservatives must support this controversial president.”

Strang said he has “all the CT leaders and editors over these intervening years and have been alarmed to see how liberal they have been becoming,” adding that he was a registered Democrat himself for nearly 25 years before switching to the GOP, because the Democrats had lurched too far to the left.

“The Republican party is less than perfect, but on the big issues, it at least backs the biblical stance on life and marriage,” Strang wrote. “I've criticized the Republicans many times (including in my new book, God, Trump and the 2020 Election) as saying Republicans say one thing when they want evangelical votes and forget what they promised when they are in office.”

But Trump is something special among Republican politicians, Strang suggested. This president “has kept his promises regarding who he appointed as judges, how he has supported Israel and how he has defended religious liberty” and has “become a champion of Bible-believing Christians.”

The evangelical left, where many “Never Trumpers” apparently reside (and by intimation, few Bible-believing Christians), will make reelection difficult for Trump, Strang said.

“There are a certain number of evangelicals who favor gun control and think protecting the environment is important, so they are predisposed to vote for Democrats if the Democratic Party will give them a chance,” he wrote, adding that “these liberal evangelicals are a factor that can't be ignored,” even if they make up only about 20 percent of evangelicals on the whole.

“As in 2016, forecasters have presumed that evangelicals who voted for Trump will remain the president's most reliable voting bloc,” Strang said, noting that Trump would likely win the next election if he wins “upward of 80% or even 90% of the evangelical vote in 2020.”

But the Trump-supporting CEO offered a word of warning:

“Die-hard Never-Trumpers could become an obstacle to reaching these levels if they make a concerted effort to suppress evangelical voters for Trump. If the president's evangelical support falls to the low-70 percentiles, he will have a hard time winning in some of the swing states.”

Galli only aided the war against Trump, according to Strang’s view, all because he bought “in to the left's talking points against this president.”

Read the full op-ed.

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People shouldn't be too surprised at a Christian publication calling for Donald Trump’s removal. Personally, I doubt that conservative or (what I term) institutional Christianity really understands Jesus’s complete or true nature. Biblical interpretations aside, perhaps God didn’t require the immense bodily suffering by God’s own incarnation in place of that sustained by a sinful humankind as justice/payment for all sin. Might God have become pacifistically turn-the-other-cheek incarnate, performed numerous unmistakable miracles before experiencing a brutal death, followed by his resurrection—all to prove there really was hope for all? Maybe Jesus didn’t die FOR humans as payment for our sins (the greatest mostly resulting from unchecked testosterone rushes), but rather his vicious murder occurred BECAUSE of humans’ seriously flawed nature; and due to his not behaving in accordance to corrupted human conduct, particularly he was nowhere near to being the blood-thirsty vengeful behemoth so many wanted or needed—and so many Christians still do to this day—their savior to be and therefore believed he’d have to be? (I personally imagine Jesus being one who’d enjoy a laugh over a good, clean joke with his disciples, rather than always stoically serious.) Our collective human need for retributive ‘justice’—regardless of Christ (and great spiritual leaders) having emphasized unconditional forgiveness—may be intrinsically linked to the same unfortunate morally-flawed aspect of humankind that enables the most horrible acts of violent cruelty to readily occur on this planet. Thus, we may be making God’s nature in OUR own vengeful image. (Frank Sterle Jr.)


The general “Christian Right” strongly supports Trump for the politics of (what I term) institutional Christianity—which ironically is in many ways contrary to the Biblical Christ’s own teachings. (I can see Christ spinning in heaven at the sight of the signs that read: “Thank You, Lord Jesus, For President Trump”.) For example, he’s already placed a conservative justice on the Supreme Court, and, from my understanding, he’s doing likewise with a number of lower courts. And then there's his unprecedented politically/emotionally destabilizing (fire stoking?) move of the U.S embassy into Jerusalem, indeed an Evangelical favourite. This Christian Right, however, will often interpret various scriptural passages (in both literal and figurative contexts) in an attempt to reconcile the conspicuously contradictory pacifist practices of Jesus with those of the wrathful, vengeful and even jealous nature of God the creator. (Frank Sterle Jr.)

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