Christian Group: Progressives Are Attempting To Normalize Human Cannibalism

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The group's email also blamed progressives for the "rise of infanticide by abortion, sodomy and homosexuality."

A recent email sent out by the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property claims that progressives are “preparing to normalize” human cannibalism and calls for supporters to pray for the “the supernatural and saving power of the Holy Rosary.”

JoeMyGod provided the email’s text:

Cannibalism is just one of the horrors the enemy is preparing to normalize. We have already seen the rise of infanticide by abortion, sodomy and homosexuality promoted by leading media giants, and even Satanism trying to find social acceptance. We need to combat these odds that are becoming seemingly more impossible to fight.

The only means is to storm Heaven with our prayers and God will certainly hear our prayers if we form in a UNITED FRONT. Join with 20,000 rallies across the nation to pray for the US. That’s why I urgently need you to join us in the 2019 Rosary Crusade for America’s soul.

The 2019 Public Square Rosary Crusade is scheduled for 20,000 cities all across America on Saturday, October 12, at noon local time. Our nation is in desperate need of the supernatural and saving power of the Holy Rosary. It’s simple to do — all it takes is you and some friends who pray the Rosary, holding a banner in a public place. It’s that simple.

Plus, I will send you, free of charge, all of the materials you need to hold a successful rally. Our rallies brought America one HUGE step closer to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary last year. But now that’s history — history written in the Book of Life. And we must pray and march on.

The conservative Catholic group, founded in 1973, is known for its activism on social issues including “abortion, same-sex marriage, homosexuality in the military, socialism, death penalty, sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church, [and] Islam.”

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