Christian Book Publisher Found Guilty Of Fraud And Destruction Of Evidence

Screengrab / Youtube

HarperCollins Christian Publishing is owned by News Corp, which also owns FOX News.

The Friendly Atheist has reported that a religious publishing company, HarperCollins Christian, has been found guilty of fraud and covering up the evidence.

The company was sued by ePAC Technologies after the CEO invented a new way to print and bind books. HarperCollins Christian attempted to buy ePAC, but it was allegedly a ruse that went on for years with no sale in the end.

The court ruled in favor of ePAC. The statement reads, “The jury awarded EPAC Technologies, Inc., a leading high-technology manufacturer and printer, $12 million in punitive damages on top of more than $3 million in compensatory damages for fraud and breach of contract.”

HarperCollins Christian Publishing is also owned by NewsCorp, which is also the owner of FOX News. The publishers say they disagree with the jury’s decision and will appeal the ruling.

This could be an example of why business and religion should keep to separate realms.