Catholic School Blames Girls’ ‘Provocative’ Outfits For Sexual Harassment

Screengrab/WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7/YouTube


Students in Michigan are protesting an administrators comments that provocative outfits cause sexual harassment.

Students at Divine Child High School in Dearborn, Michigan, have organized a protest in response to a school administrator's comments that provocative outfits are to blame for sexual harassment, according to the Independent.

The administrator said, “If you dress provocatively and leave absolutely nothing to the imagination…[you’re] contributing to the boy’s and men’s bad behaviour and that all the blame is on them.” The student protestors wore targets on their uniforms for being “targeted” and also put up posters around the school that said, “instead of publicly shaming girls for dressing how they want, teach men not to over sexualize women’s bodies.”

A parent claimed that the school threatened detention if the targets and signs were not taken down, but the school denies any punishment in regards to the protests. The event where the controversial statement was made was at a school training “covering students’ rights, responsibilities, and situations they may face while participating in Christian service opportunities.”

This same school was embroiled in controversy last year for giving out “modesty ponchos” at prom to girls whose dresses were deemed too revealing.

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