The bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Ill is advising priests not to give communion or funeral rites to same-sex couples unless they “some signs of repentance” prior to their deaths.

Bishop Thomas Paprocki(Credit: Facebook Page of Bishop Thomas Paprocki)

Bishop Thomas Paprocki decree also said that same-sex couples living openly may not receive the sacrament of confirmation or be admitted to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, a way of converting to the Catholic faith.

In addition, children living with same-sex couples may be baptized, but the church cannot bless same-sex couples, church property cannot be used for their life events and any employees of the diocese must abstain from helping.

Four years ago, after same-sex marriage, because legally recognized in the State of Illinois, the bishop performed an exorcism. He blamed politicians for being “morally complicit“.

The Rev. James Martin’s, a Jesuit priest, gave a pointed response to Bishop Paprocki’s new decree on same-sex couples.

In a statement on Facebook, he wrote:

If bishops ban members of same-sex marriages from receiving a Catholic funeral, they also have to be consistent. They must also ban divorced and remarried Catholics who have not received annulments, women who has or man who fathers a child out of wedlock, members of straight couples who are living together before marriage, and anyone using birth control. For those are all against church teaching as well. Moreover, they must ban anyone who does not care for the poor, or care for the environment, and anyone who supports torture, for those are church teachings too. More basically, they must ban people who are not loving, not forgiving and not merciful, for these represent the teachings of Jesus, the most fundamental of all church teachings. To focus only on LGBT people, without a similar focus on the moral and sexual behavior of straight people is, in the words of the Catechism, a “sign of unjust discrimination.”