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In response to the recent Pennsylvania grand jury report detailing decades of child sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic church in six of the states dioceses, Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois joined other church leaders blaming secular culture and the proliferation of birth control for the church’s subculture of abuse.

From the National Catholic Reporter:

> In a nearly eight-minute video titled "Sexual Misconduct: Pruning and purification continues within the church," Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, called for "a profound spiritual renewal at all levels of the church" concerning its teachings on chastity and sexual morality.

> "I say all levels of the church because the sexual revolution of our secular world has obviously infected the church at all levels," he said.

> Paprocki said Humane Vitae "prophetically and accurately predicted the hazards of artificial birth control" before he highlighted the large percentages of U.S. Catholics who disagree with church teachings on contraception, cohabiting before marriage and same-sex marriage.

The bishop also said “lay people have far too easily rationalized why and how the church's moral teachings on sexuality and chastity do not apply to them”, leading the church to the “scandalous situation in which we now find ourselves”.

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Image credit: Screengrab/EWTN/YouTube