Catholic Bishop Absolves Kavanaugh Of Attempted Rape Accusation


Drunk teenagers do all sorts of bad things, according to Bishop Donald Sanborn, so Brett Kavanaugh should get a pass.

Bishop Donald J. Sanborn does not believe that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape Christine Blasey Ford while in high school, but if he did, the Supreme Court nominee should not be condemned — he was a drunken teenager, and that earns him a pass.

Via Raw Story:

> As pointed out by Hemant Mehta at theFriendly Atheist, Bishop Donald J. Sanborn who currently serves as rector at a seminary he purchased in Brooksville, Florida, from which he travels around the country to meet with other clergymen to spread God’s word.


> In his post on Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh, Sanborn curiously begins by professing that he knows little about the embattled federal judge, before saying he’s not a fan because “Although he comes highly recommended in conservative circles, the fact that liberal neocon George W. Bush supports his nomination is disquieting.”


> However, the Catholic cleric found a reason to appreciate the nomination of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court by adding, “On the other hand, the hatred that the Leftists have for him is reassuring.”

The bishop then moved to discussing Ford’s accusations, which he said lack credibility, due in part to the fact that she did not immediately tell anyone what happened.

> “I found Dr. Ford’s testimony against him to be very unreliable and inconsistent… Secondly, I find it hard to believe that she would have said nothing about the incident to anyone for thirty-six years.”


> Attempting to put that controversy in theological terms, the bishop turned to “the law of God.”


> “Moral theology — indeed the law of God — requires us to not think any evil of him beyond what is evident. If there is insufficient evidence to make a certain judgement [sic] of guilt, then we must hold him guiltless. If there is sufficient evidence to cause suspicion of guilt, then we may lawfully suspect him,” he wrote. “In this case, however, it is Judge Kavanaugh’s word against Dr. Ford’s word. Moral law requires us, in that parity of contradictory testimony, to take the word of the superior, which in this case would be that of Judge Kavanaugh.”

Regardless, it would not matter if the allegation was true, he argued, because teenagers often do sinful things but turn out to be decent adults:

> “I do not believe that the qualifications of any human being should include actions which he or she performed when seventeen years old. Teenagers do many imprudent, foolish, stupid, and sinful things, but in many or even most cases they recover from these bad actions or habits and act like responsible adults,” he explained. “Furthermore, what the judge is accused of is not even a complete act. It was not a rape. Even as it is reported, the prosecutor said that it is not actionable even from the point of view of prosecution as a crime. Furthermore, Judge Kavanaugh is supposed to have performed this act while drunk, according to his accuser, which would reduce culpability, if the incident did indeed occur.”

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And Catholics wonder why they all have left the church. Hey, Bishop, how many boys did you rape this week?