Benny Hinn Renounces Prosperity Gospel After Making Millions From It


Televangelist Benny Hinn, a vocal proponent of the “prosperity gospel,” has publicly denounced the teachings.

According to Raw Story, Christian televangelist and faith healer Benny Hinn has renounced the “prosperity gospel” in a Facebook live broadcast this Monday, declaring that the Gospel “is not for sale” after profiting millions.

The “prosperity gospel,” the set of teachings Hinn has so long espoused, is a controversial belief system in which believers believe they will be rewarded with health and prosperity for giving money to the church. Hinn is also known for his “faith healing” services, where he puts on spectacles of supposedly healing congregants. 

Hinn stated, “I think it’s an offense to the Lord. It’s an offense to say give $1,000. I think it’s an offense to the Holy Spirit to place a price on the Gospel. I’m done with it. I will never again ask you to give $1,000 or whatever amount, because I think the Holy Ghost is just fed up with it.” 

He cited his changing religious views and Biblical interpretation over the past 20 years as the source of this revelation.

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