Anne Graham Lotz: God Orchestrated Trump’s Syria Withdrawal To Set Up Last Days

Screengrab/The Jim Bakker Show/YouTube


Anne Graham Lotz said perhaps the world is like a chess board and God is moving the pieces to set up the Last Days.

Evangelical leader Anne Graham Lotz told televangelist Jim Bakker on Wednesday that God might have orchestrated President Donald Trump’s controversial decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria in order to set the stage for the Last Days, according to Right Wing Watch.

Graham Lotz’s argument appears to be born of her inability to square her support for Trump with his abrupt decision with remove American forces from Syria.

Because she is certain that God is using Trump “in an amazing way” and that “God has placed him in office,” Graham Lotz concluded that there must have been a good reason for Trump “to go against all of his advisers, all of the military people” in order to “do something that God wanted him to do.”

“It occurred to me that there is a war prophesied in Ezekiel 38 that has not yet taken place,” she said, according to RWW. “When Gog, the prince of Magog—who some people believe is Putin in Russia—they come down from the north and they align with Turkey and Syria and the Sudan and Libya and then they come up and they go against Israel.”

“Ezekiel 38 says, ‘God has done it,’ because he’s bringing them against Jerusalem because he is going to judge them and he’s going to destroy them,” Graham Lotz added. “So I wondered, did God move Trump to move Americans out of the way, freeing up Russia to come down like the Bible says they will?”

Graham Lotz said she is left wondering if the world is like a chess board “and if the pieces are being moved to set up maybe the last of the Last Days.”

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