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A non-denominational Christian church in Austin, Indiana, decided to tempt fate and ignore the warnings of government officials regarding the coronavirus outbreak by inviting everyone, even those who are sick, to join them at their Friday night service last week.

According to local news WISH-TV, the New Life Christian Center posted a statement to their Facebook page insinuating that fear and panic related to the coronavirus outbreak is unnecessary, in a post filled with references to the pandemic and governmental directives.

The Facebook message invited “anyone who is sick” and indicated they “will lay hands on the sick, and the sick shall recover.” This invitation directly contradicts common-sense practices meant to deter the spread of the virus.

Among other suggestions, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb directed the citizens of Indiana to limit their group sizes to 250 people to help reduce the chances of spreading the coronavirus.

With a self-proclaimed “eye-rolling” at the governor’s requests, the church indicated their goal was to gather more than the suggested 250-person maximum.

Again the church suggested for the public to disregard safety precautions and “Tell a friend ! Bring a friend ! Carpool if possible, so that we can park everyone !”

The announcement also said the church was well-stocked with toilet paper — and based on the empty seats in video from the service, it was likely still well-stocked on Saturday.

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