American Family Assoc. - Franklin Graham Is Being Persecuted For Being A Bigot

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The conservative Christian group lambasted a fellow Christian who criticized Graham's blatant hypocrisy.

On April 25, conservative Christian author David French criticized Samaritan’s Purse CEO and multimillionaire Christian Franklin Graham for his glaring hypocrisy in both supporting Trump and being a Christian: “Graham was wrong: Trump, it turns out, doesn’t just lie to mislead his family. He lies all the time to influence courts, Congress, and the American people.

“Trump married a woman, then married his mistress, then married a third woman, then had an affair with a porn star while that third wife was pregnant with his child. Yet Graham says, ‘God put him’ in the presidency and we need to ‘get behind him and support him.’

“Franklin Graham is under fire today. He should be. His double standards have cost the church. This mistake should not define him — he has done much good and preached the Gospel faithfully for many years — but it should grieve him. Through his blatant hypocrisy, he has earned his critics’ wrath.”

And instead of listening to French’s much-warranted criticism, the Religious Right has instead chosen to attack French, not Graham, the Friendly Atheist reports. The American Family Association has decided to create a petition lambasting French’s “character assassination” of his fellow Christian.

“French has attacked and mischaracterized Mr. Graham’s integrity by unjustly comparing apples to oranges,” the petition reads. “Since our current president has taken the oath of public office, he has come nowhere near the glaring moral indecencies of Clinton while he served in office. Buttigieg is an open homosexual who claims God made him ‘gay’ and is a better Christian because of it.

“Graham is unquestionably a godly man of impeccable integrity. His decades of faithfulness to the gospel and the Great Commission are what make him one of America’s most beloved men.”

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