Alabama Police Dept. Blames Youth Crime On “Satan”, Not Poverty Or Lack Of Jobs

The Opp Police Department explained local murders by saying young people had turned against God and embraced Satan.

Recently, the police department in Opp, Alabama blamed young people rejecting God for recent spikes in homicides around the area, according to NBC News.

A statement posted on Facebook by the Opp Police Department on Tuesday blames a spike in area homicides on the idea that young people have turned away from God and "embraced Satan." The post followed two gunshot killings in as many days in Covington County, located on the Alabama-Florida line.

The Opp Police Department failed to mention that the county’s poverty rate is 6.7% higher than the official poverty rate of the United States or that the county was experiencing a lack of jobs.

This statement not only endorses a religious belief and fails to identify major issues in the area, but has also drawn criticism from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

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