61% Of Mormons Approve Of Trump, The Highest Of Any Religious Group

Sgt. Alicia Brand/Pubilc Domain

Trump’s approval rating is higher with Mormons than with White Protestants (mainline and evangelical).

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, a new polling report shows that Mormons support President Donald Trump in greater numbers than any other religious group, with the Latter Day Saints coming in one percentage point higher than even the mainline protestant/evangelical group.

An aggregation of the Gallup Daily Tracking poll last year shows that 61 percent of Mormons surveyed approve of Trump’s job as president, just above the 60 percent of white, non-Hispanic Protestants — mainline and evangelical — who back the president.

About half of all Protestants approve of Trump while 18 percent of Muslims give Trump good marks. The poll does not break down the evangelical support of Trump.

Though they have taken the top spot over other religious groups, Mormons' support of Trump is significantly lower than their favor for past Republican presidents and Republicans in general.

“Actually the numbers are about 20 points lower than they should be,” said Quin Monson, associate professor of political science at LDS Church-owned Brigham Young University.

“It’s gone up since the summer of 2016,” Monson said, “but it’s not approaching 80 percent, which is where it would be [for a different early-term Republican president].”

The turning point in 2016 came when Trump secured the Republican nomination - prior to that victory, Mormon support for the candidate was only 33 percent, effectually showing that support for the party took over support for the man. Monson believes most Mormons would fall into the "somewhat support" category when it comes to the president.

“Even if they’re loyal Republicans, they’re still unhappy loyal Republicans,” Monson said, noting that many Mormon supporters are “reluctant, as in ‘I guess this is better than Hillary [Clinton] kind of approval but I wish he would be better at this.’”