Weekend roundup: Gun violence prevention

Just since yesterday: News reports included children shot in Georgia, Texas and New York.

Gun violence has killed nearly 1,200 children in the U.S. since Parkland and is the second leading cause of death among children, according to a report from The Atlantic this week which also noted that most fatalities don't result from high-profile campus.

Just since yesterday, news reports covered children shot in Georgia, Texas and New York City.

In Chicago, an overflow crowd gathered for a forum to learn about legislation enacted this year to address gun violence.

A group of mothers who have lost loved ones to gun violence hit streets Friday to call for change following a recent outbreak of gun violence in Jacksonville, Florida,

And in Philadelphia, there wasn't an empty parking space for blocks when 300 residents attended an emergency meeting following an uptick in teenage victims Thursday night.

In Texas, the Commission Against Gun Violence released a set of recommendations top prevent gun violence in Houston this week and the San Antonio City Council is funding a case manager to help residents and outreach workers bring down gun violence.

Writing in the Portland Tribune this week, Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici said: "Congress must come together to answer the call for universal background checks and other commonsense measures to keep our schools, houses of worship and public places safe from gun violence."

Next week: The House is expected to vote on legislation requiring universal background checks and address the so-called Charleston loophole, according to a report from The Hill.


Photo: This 2018 demonstration was organized in 2018 by Teens For Gun Reform, an organization created by students in the Washington DC area, in the wake of the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Source: Wikimedia Commons