Chicago: 50 community organizations come together to stop the killing

The inVEST campaign has set the goal of reducing homicides in Chicago by 80 percent over the next five years

"In an effort to further reduce gun violence, over 50 community organizations have come together to create the inVEST campaign which was formally launched at the recent Cities Striving for Peace event that brought together five former big-city mayors who were successful in lowering gun violence in their cities," according to a new report from

The goal is to reduce homicides by 80 percent over five years and the campaign is "calling on the city, county, state, and federal government to collectively provide $150 million in annual public funding to be used for violence reduction, intervention, and prevention programs," according to the report.

The Chicago Tribune covered the kickoff event two weeks earlier and broke down the discussion into four takeaways.

• Community-based solutions
• Investing in underserved communities
• Violence should be thought of as a public health issue
• Creating trust between police and community members

Chicago's murder rate already dropped dramatically last year according to