More voices calling for action

New editorials and opinion pieces follow shooting at Congregation Chabad synagogue in Poway, California:

From the Chicago Tribune:

"We have a national emergency, and it involves guns and mental health and education and gun sentencing laws and myriad other factors that no one seems willing to properly address."

From the New York Daily News:

"In truth, the difference between incidence of mass shootings before, during and after the 1994-2004 (assault weapon) ban can’t be ignored. Ten years before the ban: 19 gun massacres (six or more fatalities) took 155 lives. The ban years: 12 massacres and 89 lives. Ten years after the ban ended: 34 massacres and 302 lives. And it’s soared further in the subsequent five years."

From the Times of San Diego:

"We must pass common-sense gun-safety reforms immediately to ensure that not one more life is lost in this fight. It’s our responsibility to take action."


Image at top: Twin Peaks above Poway, via Wikipedia


Jim MacMillan
EditorJim MacMillan
Jim MacMillan
EditorJim MacMillan