Two Parkland school shooting survivors lost to suicide in one week

Leaders are calling for action after second incident


More grim news from Connecticut:

“He was a brokenhearted person, as we all are. It’s sad. Just no words.”

Original report

"After a second Parkland shooting survivor died by suicide in a week’s span, Florida’s emergency chief is calling for the state Legislature to dispatch more mental health resources for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School community," according to the Miami Herald:

“Now is the time for the Florida Legislature to help."

Survivor and activist David Hogg is demanding action:

Sydney Aiello's family said she took her own life last week because of survivor’s guilt, according to a previous Miami Herald report:

"Beautiful Sydney with such a bright future was taken from us way too soon."

There's a GoFundMe to support her family: In Loving Memory of Sydney Aiello

Fred Gutenberg, whose daughter Jaime was killed at Parkland, questioned the "contributing factor" in the latest death but also made a plea to parents:

Gutenberg also retweeted Jaime's aunt and others offering resources:


Image at top: One of the support banners banners once hung over the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School campus.