The Gun Violence Prevention Report: 07.01.19

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Cities and communities are across the nations are struggling with increasing gun violence:


Drops to $1.1 million in cases where a victim is shot but not killed:


A recent rise in gun violence in Utica has the community, local officials and law enforcement concerned:

Shootings almost doubled between 2014 and 2018:


Each panel consisted of participants from fields ranging from health care to the clergy:

The speakers repeatedly stressed statistics that show the U.S. has the highest number of gun deaths of any developed nation:

According to St. Paul Police Department statistics, there have been 172 homicides in St. Paul from 2009 to 2018:

Each friendly interaction is an opportunity to reach out and foster relationships in areas where crime is rampant and where police may not get as warm a welcome:

City leaders encouraged families, schools and neighbors to break their silence and come together for solutions:


"Since 1986, more than 150 million firearms were manufactured in our country:"

"We are hopeful that the needle is finally beginning to move on this important public health issue for our patients and communities:"


The trend is holding this year, although a recent spate of violence has reversed some of the progress: