The Gun Violence Prevention Report: 06.15.19

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New evidence and new ideas and a big conference in New York next week:


Just nine states and the District of Columbia use some form of purchaser licensing to regulate gun purchases:

Some of New York’s leading criminal justice experts will speak at next week’s conference:

Murders and shootings in Trenton have actually decreased in recent years, but:

Stockton’s murder rate quickly shot back up in 2019:


By engaging patients in the hospital, during their recovery and in the community following a firearm incident, putting much needed attention on mental health and counseling needs of gun violence victims:

Complete with a living room set, TV, couches, board games, video games, snacks, laughter, dancing -- and safety:

To to reduce firearm-related deaths or injuries:


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) haven’t received any substantial Congressional funding to study gun violence for more than two decades:

Calling for jobs, livable wages, vocational schools, access to mental health care, affordable housing and resources that are going to economically help the urban community sustain itself: