The Gun Violence Prevention Report: 06.08.19

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Official credits pubic awareness campaign for 40% drop in the number guns stolen from vehicles:

Watch the video:


Demonstrates that newsrooms can alter their standards and practices in a fairly dramatic way over a relatively short period of time when presented with convincing evidence:


The lawsuit said it's an "effort to silence local elected officials and the municipalities they represent, and it stands in the way of specific legislative steps that the city seeks to take to protect their cities from gun violence."

The Museum of Incomplete wants to "give the younger generation of survivors and victims a disruptive voice and empower them to fight for their values and impact change for their futures."

Much of the grant will be used to expand programming in job training, mental health services, and outreach education, allowing the organization to serve more at-risk youth.

Town Hall in Queens:

Ride Napa includes a benefit bike ride and walk, brunch, and a guest speakers series for gun violence prevention:

Topekans worried about the violence say they are ready to help:


State’s teacher’s union argues that more guns in the hands of people who aren’t law enforcement make schools less safe:

New Orleans Mayor preparing to launch series of programs and policy changes aimed at reducing gun violence:


Breaking the cycle of systemic gun violence in many of our cities is as important as a common-sense solution for mass shootings and suicides:

Cracking down on the illegal cross-border gun trade is one way to stem illegal immigration to the U.S.