The Gun Violence Prevention Report: 06.07.19

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More Americans were shot to death by March 6 this year than died on D-Day:


To help providers recognize a patient's risk of firearm injury or death:

Gun violence prevention groups may have found a boon in an unlikely source:

Laws passed after some of the most extreme instances of gun violence in the U.S. would not have necessarily prevented previous shootings:


Overturns longstanding legal doctrine:

Simply put, gun violence is a huge problem for the children of America:

In recognition of Gun Violence Awareness Day:


Calls for expansion of the city's weapons-storage ordinance:

Would require gun owners to store guns in a locked container or disable them with a trigger lock when not in use:

Salesforce barring customers from selling semiautomatic weapons and some other firearms:


Bill would require reports on sources of firearms used in crimes, data on gun purchases, and the effectiveness of measures to report and locate lost and stolen guns:,575796