The Gun Violence Prevention Report: 06.05.19

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Gun homicides in the Bay Area they're down 30%.

“At the heart of the different strategies Bay Area cities are using are the same basic elements: data, dollars, and community leadership, including leadership from formerly incarcerated residents.”


Guns can be thought of as a drug—an intoxicating, mind-altering, power-conferring drug that leads to aggression and, in the United States, to around 40,000 deaths a year. - Common Dreams


Columnist asking a question all of us:

"If you’re a citizen, have you demanded your lawmakers work toward solutions? Have you held them accountable? Have you donated to or volunteered for groups you believe are advocating a sensible path forward? Have you marched? Have you let your voice be heard?"

Opinion: The community needs to see faces that have been in the trenches, doing the work that the police department can’t.

Opinion: A revised Second Amendment could spell out the relationship between public safety and private rights in more detail.


The Roanoke City Council moved to create a task force to identify root causes of the problem and make “practical” recommendations:

Following another violent weekend in Baltimore:

Chief blames irresponsible gun owners for the recent hike in gun-related violence:


A witness says a small drug theft was the motive behind the fatal shooting of four people in Philadelphia: