Looking for lessons on Columbine anniversary

A plethora of posts trying to take away lessons from the mass shooting

Actionable advice:

"Gunfire in the classroom is the final stage of a long-simmering attack. The Secret Service found that 81 percent of shooters had explicitly revealed their intentions. Most told two people. Some told more. Kids are bad at secrets. The grander the plot, the more likely to sprout leaks."

The author spoke to NPR on the 10th anniversary:

Cultural perspective:

"It taught us how to react to further bloodshed—in a Connecticut elementary school, in a Las Vegas concert venue, in a Florida high school—by not reacting in concrete ways. It taught us to live with the body counts. It taught us that murderous schoolchildren, American sons and daughters just the way we are American sons and daughters, are part of the price we pay for freedom. That is the lasting legacy of the Columbine massacre, 20 years ago this week. We all are victims of self-inflicted gunshot wounds."

A critique:

"We now have the perspective to reflect on some of those changes. Unfortunately, many of the lessons we’ve learned from Columbine have been problematic, counterproductive or flat-out wrong."

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