Chicago: Six people were shot early Sunday but there's good news too

Overnight incident looks like an exception to the trend

Six people were shot early Sunday inside a private club in Chicago but all are expected to survive, according to local media:

* Chicago Sun-Times: 6 shot inside private bar on South Side, none fatally
* NBC Chicago: 6 Shot Inside Private Club on South Side
* ABC 7 Chicago: 6 shot inside private club on South Side
* WGN-TV: 6 people shot inside private club in South Chicago neighborhood: police

However, local news reports were all missing some important context:

Just last night, Chicago Police were sharing news of reduced homicides and shooting rates on Twitter:

There's more detail in a press release distributed Friday which reported that while the city suffered 44 homicides during the first two months of 2019, the tally was down from 80 people killed during the same period last year.

Shootings were also down 24 percent, from 282 to 214 during the same period. Here's the release:

Last year, the number of homicides and shootings in Chicago dropped by double-digit percentages for the second year in a row, according to data kept by The Chicago Tribune.

On New Year's Day, The Trace published an interview with Max Kapustin, research director at the University of Chicago Crime Lab, who attributed some of the success to the implementation of the police department's Strategic Decision Support Center in the city's Englewood community, explaining:

"Here you have an intervention that is clearly focused on reducing gun violence in a district that saw an enormous increase in 2016, and our analysis has shown that at the moment the SDSC was introduced, gun violence fell dramatically and has stayed low. Because of the amount of gun violence Englewood historically produces, that drop had an impact on citywide numbers. But you still have to ask what accounts for drops elsewhere. The impact of SDSCs in other districts is a little less clear, and there may be some other factors at work."

The Strategic Decision Support Centers (or SDSCs) "have been rolled out to 20 out of 22 police districts, creating technology-based nerve centers for detectives that rely on mobile technology, crime cameras and gunshot detection systems," according to police.

Learn more about the Chicago Violence Reduction Strategy (VRS) from the the National Network for Safe Communities at John Jay College.

Last summer, an Urban Institute study found that the Chicago Violence Reduction Strategy "was associated with a 23 percent reduction in the shooting patterns of treated groups (victimization and offending) and a 32 percent reduction in the shooting victimization of group member."

A slide show summarizing the city's Violence Reduction Strategy is available online from the City of Chicago.