Youngest shooting victims reported across the US

Little girls lead list of children wounded or killed with guns this week:

An eight-year-old girl shot last week in New Mexico has died:

A six-year old girl was killed in Georgia:

A two-year-old girl was shot last night in Tennessee:

A three-year-old was wounded Friday in North Carolina:

A five-year-old was wounded in Wisconsin:

Another girl in Georgia is now fighting for her life:

A six-year-old is on life support after she was shot in the head in Florida:

Little girl wounded in Alabama:

Last night in New Hampshire:

Police said she was 4- or 5-years old:

Two children lost in mass murder Thursday in Phoenix:

Police are questioning a family member who owns the gun:

With an unsecured weapon last month:

CNN has an update:

Kentucky shooter begs for forgiveness; gets 20 years:

The Gun Violence Archive has identified 161 incidents in which children under age 12 were have been killed or wounded so far this year in the US:


Jim MacMillan
EditorJim MacMillan