Outbreak in Baltimore: 14 shot in 24 hours

Neighbors say they know the drill: "duck on the floor, wait for the firing to stop"

Baltimore Police posted a group of photos on their Facebook Page Friday afternoon showing several guns taken off the street over the previous 24 hours.

In less than 24 hours ending overnight, four people were shot to death and 10 more were wounded in Baltimore, marking the most violent outbreak since a new police commissioner took office earlier this month.

Neighbors said they know the drill: "duck on the floor, wait for the firing to stop," according to a recap from The Baltimore Sun.

Police Commissioner Michael Harrison called the shootings “totally unacceptable” and said that people were “tired of the violence,” according to an Associated Press brief published by The Washington Post.

Harrison said “There’s no information to support that (the incidents) are related," according to CBS Baltimore.

But he added that officers were still collecting and processing evidence and would also come back to the community to ask for more information, according to another report from The Baltimore Sun.

Baltimore Police have published updates to several related investigations on their Facebook page.

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Jim MacMillan
Jim MacMillan


Note: Fifteen people were shot during the first three days of this week in Philadelphia, according to the latest city data: https://www.opendataphilly.org/showcase/shooting-victims-visualization