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This is so sad. I used to baby sit the girl who made the threats. My niece was friends with her older brother too. They were both great kids growing up. I don't know what happened to her. She was the cutest friendliest little thing. I know they had a hard childhood growing up without their mom really in their lives. She wasnt around much and when she was there she was just useless or 99% of the time she was high. But that's no excuse for this. The father was no angel but he loved them and did what he could be g s d ik ngle dad raising two children. Smh. Makes me want to cry. Theres no excuse at all for her behavior. Savannah was a smart kid. She could have done big things. 😥😤😠 lord help these children today. SOMEONE needs to. I fear for these kids and for our future bc these kids ARE our future.

Jim MacMillan
EditorJim MacMillan