DA reports "80 percent gun" connected to Philly shootings investigation

Serial number and background check not required

State and local law enforcement officials announced in Philadelphia Wednesday that eight people were arrested following an investigation into "a rash of shootings" in 2017 and 2018.

From the press release:

"The violence between these groups accounted for 43 shooting incidents, 35 people shot and injured (including a 12-year-old boy and a 59 year-old woman), and three people killed."

During the press conference, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner discussed the dangers of "80 percent guns" sold at guns shows, which he explained as "an end run around our state and federal laws" by which "people with criminal records can buy all the parts of a gun."

"It's only a violation of state law when the pieces are put together and you have an operable weapon. This is ridiculous." - Philadelphia DA Krasner

"It happened in this case and it's a very serious matter that we all need to look at," Krasner said.

Slate reported on the issue last summer with a headline proclaiming that: Homemade Guns Are a Much Bigger Threat Than 3D-Printed Firearms

"If lawmakers are truly worried about the threat of unregistered firearms, they should focus instead on the bustling market of unfinished firearms. They’re, commonly called 80 percent lowers, in reference to the fact that these kits include guns that are about 80 percent complete but don’t constitute a full firearm and therefore don’t require a serial number or background check to be sold. The market started booming after the call for gun reform following the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida." - Slate

CBS Philly tweeted video covering the entire press conference and you can jump to 17:25 to hear Krasner discuss the issue:

Several Philadelphia news organizations covered the press conference but none of their reports addressed the 80 percent guns:

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Press conference photo source: Philadelphia DAO


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